Something about us

“FESTINALENTE” farm is a sole proprietorship situated in Perledo, in the Regional Park of the northern Grigna, on the oriental side of Lake Como.

The traditional honeys of the area, produced by our bees, are: Tiglio e Millfiori di Montagna, just above Perledo, in the Regional Park of the northern Grigna; Millefiori e Castagno, in the Regional Park of St. Genesio, between Colle Brianza and Villa Vergano, nearby Colico; Acacia, Castagno e Rovo, in Brianza, Inverigo area, in a small clearing situated into a wood containing wild black locusts and chestnuts.

The apiaries are placed in no-contaminated fields, where woods prevail.

The honey production is foot-loose type.


Acacia Honey is even used in order to produce really tasty creams with nuts, almonds, pistachios, cocoa, pine nuts, peanuts, walnuts, licorice and coffee.


Since January 2012 the company owns the “Bio certificate”, through the Institute for the ethics and environmental certification (ICEA).

In September 2009 Acacia Honey was award-winning with “Two Golden Drops” at the national contest “Best Italian Honeys”; in 2010, instead, Chestnut and linden honeys were award-winning with Two Golden Drops. In both the event Festinalente farm appears on the guide for the Best Italian Honeys 2009 and 2010.



In July 2013 we received the award as “Workshop of the year” inside the Guide 2014 of Gambero Rosso in Milan.