The biological “Spreadable” (biological fresh fruits and biological honey)

Our biological fruits and biological honey mixture are really similar to the classic jam, but they are made sweeter with honey instead of sugar. Fruits are used for a percentage around the 70%, whereas the remain 30% is composed by different kinds of sugars and honey (38 gr) for any 100 gr of product. In order to increase the maintainability of the product, it is added a little amount of lemon juice. There are no preservatives, neither colourants nor any aromas added.

The Spreadable fruits and honey are produced cooking at first the fruits. At the end of this process the honey is added, in order not to cook it (it may lose all its characteristic). Afterwards the lemon juice is added, for the conservation and then some fruit pectin, just to make the finale product thicker.





Honey and Apricots




Honey and Cherries




Honey and Mixed berries




Honey and Blackberries




Honey and Peaches